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Driving Lessons In Knaresborough

Learn to drive with our local, fully qualified, professional driving instructors. Our driving lessons in Knaresborough provide expert tuition, excellent first time pass rate & our solid reputation for excellent customer service will help you pass your driving test with confidence.

Your road to success starts with Learn Driving UK...

Learning to drive in Knaresborough

Learn Driving UK have been delivering driving lessons in Knaresborough for many years now. Our excellent first time driving test pass rate and the professionalism of our driving instructors has built our excellent reputation and trust with people looking to learn to drive.

The prospect of learning to drive can be quite unnerving but don’t worry, your Learn Driving UK Instructor will be DBS checked for your safety, experienced and trained to a very high standard. All LDUK instructors conform to the Industry Code of Practice so you will be in safe hands.

Knaresborough is a beautiful market town and such a lovely place to learn to drive. Steeped in History with Knaresborough Castle, Mother Shipton’s Cave, the House in the Rock and the wonderful Waterside and Abbey Road, learning to drive here couldn’t get much better.

Your Driving Lessons in Knaresborough

Starting out on your journey to learn to drive can be quite a scary prospect. If you are a nervous driver, please do not worry as all Learn Driving UK driving instructors are fully qualified and trained to a very high standard.

If you are a complete beginner, then we will start your lessons slowly and take you to quiet areas of Knaresborough like the Eastfield’s Estate and the Aspin Estate. These estates are ideal for the complete beginner to help you gain confidence. Manoeuvres, like turn in the road, reverse around a corner, parking between two cars etc, will be practiced in these areas.

As you progress you will start to drive through Knaresborough town centre. As this is a busier area it is ideal for practicing traffic lights, dealing with heavier traffic and observing the public’s behaviour around you.

Driving around Goldsborough and Scotton will give you experience of narrow country roads and maybe a tractor or two. Practice on ‘A’ roads is important so that you can drive at the national speed limit of 60mph. you will feel competent and confident on the A59 bypass.

You will drive to the busy town of Harrogate on a few of your lessons, once you are feeling more confident, which will give you insight and experience of a much busier town and roads. You will never be put in a situation that you feel you can’t handle and will be guided always until you feel able to drive independently, then you will be approaching test readiness.

Knaresborough Driving Test Centre

The driving test centre is based at Knaresborough (Ground Floor Unit 9, Grimbald Crag Court, St James Business Park, Knaresborough, North Yorkshire HG5 8QB) this gives you an added advantage of being able to take your driving lessons around Knaresborough and the area you will be taking your test.

With calm, patient and highly trained instructors Learn Driving UK is looking forward to helping you achieve your driving goals.

Driving Lessons In Knaresborough

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If you'd like to book a driving lesson in Knaresborough with LDUK or to discuss starting your lessons, please give us a call:

07368 193589

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We cover the following postcode areas in Knaresborough: HG5

Knaresborough Driving Lesson Prices

5 Hour Driving Package £150

10 Hour Driving Package £295

Pay As You Go Driving Lessons

FROM £33

  • 1 Hour Driving Lesson - £33
  • 1.5 Hour Driving Lesson - £48
  • 2 Hour Driving Lesson - £63
  • 1 Hour Refresher Course - £35

Driving Lesson Packages

FROM £75

  • 5 Hour Driving Package - £150
  • 10 Hour Driving Package - £295
  • 2 Hour Motorway Driving - £75
  • Refresher Courses (5 Hours) - £170

Our Team Of Knaresborough Driving Instructors

Our team of local driving instructors all have excellent local knowledge to help you pass your driving test in Knaresborough. Our friendly local driving instructors are all DBS checked.

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Driving Lessons In Knaresborough Reviews

We are extremely proud of the wonderful feedback we receive about our team of driving instructors at Learn Driving UK. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your driving lesson requirements.

We Are Incredibly Proud Of Our Customer Feedback!

Rating of Average of 4.95 on a total of 844 Ratings

james sellers
5 years ago

Anthony was easy to get along with. It took longer than i expected to pass. I would highly recommend Anthony as he is so easy to get along with. There is nothing i would change.

jessica danford
5 years ago

Availability, Patience and skill were the most important things i was looking for in my driving instructor. I also wanted the Instructor to be friendly, nice, forgiving and the car be good. Anthony and Learn Driving UK provided all these things. Anthony explained everything in a simple way, clear and easy to understand. He was brilliant and a funny instructor. I wish you would advertise more so i could have found you sooner.

jeremy choy
5 years ago

Price was the most important thing to me when i was looking for a driving instructor. Anthony was a very good instructor and i passed first time. Learning to drive was much harder than i expected. Anthony was really good and i highly recommend him.

mazlum celik
5 years ago

The most important thing for me was improving my driving skills. I wanted an instructor that i could talk to about anything that would help me, Chris was brilliant. Some things about learning to drive were harder than others, but Chris had a great method of teaching. Chris lets you try your own thing and your own way.

rob scrimger
5 years ago

I wanted an instructor who was approachable and clear with his instruction, Chris was both of these things. Availability of lessons was also an important factor for me. Chris provided well explained and structured lessons, this made the learning process easier. Chris was very good and clearly explained everything using great pictures. I would highly recommend.

ben gale 1
5 years ago

The quality of the instructor and reasonable prices was very important to me when i was looking for a driving instructor. Location, availability and flexability were also very important too. Chris was very helpful and i passed first time. There is nothing i would change, i was totally satisfied.

maria de la cruz
5 years ago

I chose Learn Driving UK because of all the good reviews about the instructors, I definetely made the right choice. Matt made me feel confident, he was very patien and very accurate all the time. It was a very good experience, Matt helped me all of the time through the process. Matts methods are brilliant, he is just the best. Would i recommend Matt and Learn Driving UK?? OF COURSE! You are the best people. matt is reliable and very nice. For me it was a 100% excellent experience. Thanks Matt.

brandon cariss
5 years ago

Matt was always on time, very helpful and his teaching methods were easy to follow. Learning to drive was not as hard as i expected with matts teaching style. I would highly recommend Matt and Learn Driving UK as he was very helpful and easy to follow and because they are such a great school.

lydia hall
5 years ago

Learn Driving UK had an excellent pass rate and their instructors were recommended to me. It was more enjoyable but also more challenging than I expected. I found Tams teaching methods very thorough and clear. Yes i would highly recommend Learn Driving UK particularly Tam due to his brilliant teaching techniques.

thomas higgs
5 years ago

I was looking for a driving instructor with a good reputation and recommendations. Someone who was friendly and helpful. Tam was all these things. It was harder than first anticipated but Tam made it easy & I passed first time. He was very very good. I would highly recommend Tam and Learn Driving UK because they are friendly and professional.
There is nothing i would change.

rob coupland
5 years ago

One of the most important things for me when looking for a driving instructor was them being understanding and easy to get along with. Chris was very knowledgable about driving and this was another important factor. I found learning to drive difficult at first, but as i got going and and with Chris's help i started to find ot easier. I would highly recommend Chris as he is approachable and easy to get on with. There is nothing i would change about learning to drive with Chris and Learn Driving UK.

henry chow
5 years ago

Reputation and price mattered to me when i was looking for a driving instructor. Learn Driving UK have a very good reputation and great prices. Learning to drive was a lot harder than i expected it to be. Anthony was excellent, he taught me how to be a safe driver and not just how to pass a test. All my lessons with Anthony were very good and enjoyable.

nathan cooke
5 years ago

Price, availability and reputation were the most important things i was looking for when choosing a driving instructor. Learning to drive wasnt as bad as i first thought it was going to be. Anthonys teaching methods were very useful and helpful. I would highly recommend Anthony Houseman, I passed first time , my lessons were very good and well explained.

jake lunn
5 years ago

I needed a driving instructor that was going to teach me everything i needed to know to learn to drive. It was harder than i thought at first but Anthony made it clear what i needed to do. Anthonys teaching methods were very good and clear, i enjoyed every lesson. I would highly recommend Anthony as he is a really good instructor and i passed first time.

oliver campey
5 years ago

Recommendations from people i know was important to me when i was looking for a driving instructor, cost, effective teaching and availability for lessons was also very important. Learn Driving UK delivered everything i needed. Learning to drive was great, a lot more to it than i thought but worth taking the time to learn a life skill. Peter Wallace was excellent, couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor. His levels of teaching were great.

harry birch
5 years ago

I chose Learn Driving UK because they had good deals and looked professional. Chris had really good teaching methods, he was very professional, nice and it was a great car to drive in.

nicole vietch
5 years ago

I found driving lessons to be good fun. Anthony had good knowledge and lessons were done in a calm atmosphere. I like the prices and deals that LDUK have. Learning to drive with Anthony was much more fun and relaxed than id expected. Anthony was very good, wonderful. I would highly recommend him.

chris ellis
5 years ago

Anthony was a very good instuctor, i liked the prices, everything was just as i'd expected. I passed first time so i would highly recommend Anthony. There is nothing i would change.

nick mackay
5 years ago

I chose Anthony Houseman of Learn Driving UK as a family member recommended him to me. It was very important to me that i was assured quality and that the instructor had a good pass rate. Anthony exceeded expectation. Excellent Instructor, patient and knowledgable. Anthony had a quality teaching style, knowledge and experience in subjects. No complaints only good things to say, I passed first time. I would definetely recommend.

alex myers
5 years ago

I was looking for a driving instructor who would be patient with me. I wanted someone with a likeable personality and who made learning to drive enjoyable. Chris was amazing, he adapted to my learning capabilities and was kind and helpful. I found learning to drive with Chris and Learn Driving UK fun and enjoyable. I would highly recommend them as they make you a great and safe driver, i passed first time with Chris and i'm so happy. There is nothing i would change.

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Driving Instructor