Learning to Drive On the Battlefield

Learning to Drive On the Battlefield

As driving instructors we find the roads are becoming like a battlefield for our learner drivers. We experience abuse from other road users on a regular daily basis, which is very upsetting for our students. All our cars will be fitted with cameras and we will be reporting bad driving from now on.

Learner drivers make mistakes on the road, they are learners. Stay well back, give them room to make those mistakes. The instructor can not always predict what the pupil is going to do and some will occasionally do the opposite to what they have been instructed to do.

People beeping and getting up close to the car in a threatening manner stops the instructor from doing his job as he has to now take his attention away from his student and deal with you.

Not one person on this planet is perfect. So show a bit of kindness and patience to learner drivers and the driving instructor who is trying to create a confident and safe driver, who will be prepared to deal with today’s busy roads.

Don’t make their learning process a scary one. One day that might be your son or daughter in that car.

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