Charlie Ferguson

Driving Instructor - Harrogate & Knaresborough

My name is Charlie Ferguson, and I am a driving instructor with Learn Driving Uk.

I am married with two children aged 10 and 13, I live in the Starbeck area of Harrogate. I was born in Harrogate but lived in Wetherby most of my life, before meeting Sarah my wife, and moving to Ripon where we resided for 7 Years, before finally settling in Harrogate.

I have many interests (from motorbikes and cycling to technology and DIY) and have a diverse taste in music and film.

Until recently, I was a North Yorkshire Police officer of 14 years, during which I served as a Traffic Officer based out of Harrogate. Road safety was always a priority for me and I’ve had the fortunate (and unfortunate!) pleasure of dealing with a lot of road users for both good and bad things.

I’ve seen the catastrophic consequences of mistakes made on the road by drivers of a vehicle and, fed up with picking up the pieces I have decided to take up a career teaching people to drive, to educate them on how to be safe drivers and to try and help stop them falling foul of the law.

I have a lot of experience to pass on to you, as a new driver, and hope that you leave my tuition a better, safer driver. I’m sure I’ll share lots of stories with you during our journey together!

Don’t let my previous employment scare you however!
To do the job, you had to have a very good sense of humour. I like to think I am a fun guy and always looking to have a laugh and ultimately by doing so make your learning experience an enjoyable one. If you make a mistake, as we all do, don’t dwell on it, simply laugh about it with me and carry on. It will help you remember it for next time and you won’t do it again.

You have to remember that we’ve all learnt to drive and that there is no such thing as the perfect driver, so never be afraid to make a mistake, or ask a question, no matter how silly it may seem.

My lessons are set at a pace that is right for you the individual. You may pick things up faster, or slower than someone else but whatever the case we’ll make sure that we find the right techniques and teaching methods that suit you.

I don’t just want to help you pass your test, I want to set you up with skills you can use on the road for the rest of your life.

charlie ferguson


Driving Instructor
Charlie covers the following postcode areas: HG1, HG2, HG3 & HG5 and drives a Citroen C1.

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lucy foggitt harrogate
4 weeks ago

The cost of the lessons, flexibility of the driving instructor and recommendations made me chose Charlie Ferguson of Learn Driving UK for my driving lessons. Charlie was very friendly and the lessons were fun and i passed first time. Charlies teaching methods were effective and easy to remember. I would highly recommend  Charlie, due to him being so involved and nice.

hannah chamberlain
1 month ago

I saw the positive feedback and ratings of previous learners and thought i would give Learn Driving UK a try. I liked their prices, types of car, availability and flexibility. Their pass rate is very good. It was also important to me to have a driving instructor who would be patient and kind. Learning to drive was initially a negative experience with a previous driving instructor i had. However very positive with Charlie Ferguson and my mindset changed and had a much better experience. Charlies teaching methods were very clear and consistemnt. He was calm and supportive, which built my confidence. Yes i would highly recommend Charlie because of flexibility and his calm approach to learning to drive.

jonny nicholson knaresborough
1 month ago

I wanted a driving instructor who would be friendly, a good teacher and easy to get on with. Charlie Ferguson was all of these things. Learning to drive was easier than i expected it to be. Charlies teaching methods were very easy to follow. Charlie was a brilliant driving instructor. I would highly recommend him. He came from a recommendation for me.

bryony keyse harrogate
First Time Pass
2 months ago

I wanted to find a driving instructor that would teach me the best way to drive possible. It was important that i got on well with him too. Charlie Ferguson's teaching methods were very good and i passed first time. I would highly recommend Charlie as he was very relaxed when teaching me.

matty edwards harrogate
First Time Pass
2 months ago

I wanted a happy and friendly driving instructor and that's what i got with Charlie Ferguson. Learn Driving UK have good prices and good availability. Learning to drive was easier than i expected it to be and i passed first time. Charlies teaching methods were very useful, easy to understand and clear. I would highly recommend Charlie, nice instructor and good starting prices.