Jen Addison

Driving Instructor - Carlisle

I’m Jen at LDUK. I have lived in Carlisle for nearly 10 years after moving here for work once I had finished school. I didn’t move from far away though having lived and gone to school in Annan. After leaving school I was employed in an office until Adrian (also of LDUK) trained me to become a driving instructor in 2016.

I have been married to my husband Chris for six years and we have three dogs – Mack, Dodge and Bandit. My dogs are in fact named after an American truck, a car and a car related film. We spend lots of time with our dogs and take time competing at flyball with them which we all very much enjoy.

I cover the Carlisle and surrounding areas including Wigton, Longtown and Gretna. I am familiar with these towns and they all have quiet areas for your initial practice where you can feel at ease and under no pressure with very little traffic.

Initially we would start on nursey routes like the Lowry Hill estate in Carlisle where it is reasonably quiet and allows you to concentrate on the first steps of learning and practising how to use the controls. We would then move onto slightly busier estates when you are happy to such estates as Morton, Harraby or Stanwix so that you can progress your skills in a slightly more challenging environment.

Once we are both happy with your progression then we will start to introduce more complex topics including roundabouts, using the quieter end of the A689 initially then moving onto McVities roundabout and Hardwicke Circus. We then look at the manoeuvres required for the test and work on roads out of the town including out towards Dalston, Rockcliffe and Cumwhinton to enable you to experience the various hazards encountered on these roads including tractors, cyclists and horse riders.

It is important to learn to drive in varying conditions to ensure that you are familiar with how to deal with them, not just for your test, but for your continued safety on the road having reached your goal of attaining your full car licence.

While we are working towards your goal we will be working as a partnership, discussing and deciding between us how to progress through all the topics until we both feel it is the right time for you to take your driving test.

I very much enjoy teaching people to drive and feel that if we can work together, you will reach your goal and have the confidence to be able to take your skills with you while driving independently. I will make your learning process fun and enjoyable to ensure you get the most out of your lessons. I am very patient and all lessons will be carried out at your own pace. I am in no rush and would rather something be done correctly than too quickly.

I very much enjoy driving myself and don’t like to make things difficult for myself so I will not make things too difficult for you either.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Jen Addison


Driving Instructor
Jen covers the following postcode areas: CA1, CA2, CA3, CA4, CA5, CA6, CA7, CA8, DG16 and drives a Seat Ibiza.

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adel ben ameur carlisle
1 week ago

Very good instructors, the teaching methods were great, friendly company and the over all experience was excellent and i passed first time.

philip emmerson carlisle
4 weeks ago

The price and reviews were important to me when i was looking for a driving instructor. Learning to drive sounded quite complicated at first but after a few lessons everything becomes second nature. Jens teaching methods were excellent and very thorough. I would 100% recommend Jen and Learn Driving UK. The price is really good, Jens teaching methods are very good. Jen's a naturally friendly person who made every lesson comfortable.

maciej carlisle
2 months ago

I wanted a female driving instructor, that was really important to me. Price was also a factor when looking for a driving school. I chose Jen and Learn Driving UK as they were recommended on Facebook. I really wanted to pass my driving test as soon as possible. I found my first driving lesson very difficult. I was scared of driving but the videos made it easier and then i enjoyed lessons. Jens teaching methods were perfect, aware of everything. Sometimes Jens teaching methods were fun, sometimes firm but fair.

robin little carlisle
2 months ago

I wanted a driving instructor who made me feel comfortable and safe when learning. Also their reputation and pass rate mattered to me. I felt much more confident with my driving than i anticipated i would and i passed first time. Jen's teaching methods were fantastic. Jen is a really good driving instructor. I highly recommend Jen because she stays calm, doesn't make you feel pressured and has good methods of explaining driving techniques.

kieron foster carlisle
2 months ago

The availability of the driving instructor and recommendations was very important to me when i was searching for a driving instructor. It was also important to me that i pass my test quickly. Learning to drive was easier than i expected it to be. Some things i found difficult, but over all it was easy. Jen's teaching methods were very good, easy to understand. I would highly recommend Jen to anyone wanting to learn to drive in Carlisle.