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Driving Instructor - Carlisle

I’m Philip at LDUK. I have lived in Carlisle for 13 years after moving here from Leicester for family reasons. I originate from North London (Edgware) and went to Manchester University where I graduated with a degree in Physics & Electronic Engineering. I have had a varied career working as an electronic engineer (21yrs) then as Chief Executive of a deaf charity (16yrs). I am partially deaf myself and have British Sign Language communication skills and can work with deaf and hard of hearing people.

I am a Grade A Instructor working in Carlisle and District. I have been involved in driving instruction since 2007. I have worked for TTC2000 (5yrs) which is an organisation that provides courses for qualified drivers who have fallen foul of the law and have chosen corrective driver training rather than punishment i.e. a fine and points on their licence.

I have been married to my wife Jane for 40 years and have 2 grown up children – Ruth who lives and works in London and Andrew who lives and works in Australia (near Brisbane)
I cover the Carlisle and surrounding areas including Wigton, Brampton, Longtown and Gretna. I am familiar with all these towns and they all have their own quiet areas for your initial practice where you can feel at ease and under no pressure with very little traffic.

Initially we would start on nursery routes like the Lowry Hill estate in Carlisle or the Durdar & Ivegill road where it is reasonably quiet and allows you to concentrate on the first steps of learning and practising how to use the controls. When we both agree that you are ready to move on we could use slightly busier estates such as Upperby, Harraby, Morton Park or Stanwix so that you can use your new skills in slightly more challenging areas.

Once we are both happy with your progression then we will start to introduce new topics such as roundabouts, using the quieter ones first like the ones on the A689 bypass during quieter times of the day until we can move onto McVities roundabout and Hardwicke Circus. We will also look at the manoeuvres required for the test and work on country routes taking in places like Dalston and some of the smaller villages around including Wetheral, Cumwhinton giving you the experience of narrow winding country lanes allowing you to become familiar with the different types of hazards you may encounter on these roads such as tractors, horse riders and cyclists.

It is important to learn these types of driving conditions to ensure that you are familiar with how to handle them not just for your test, but for your continued safety after reaching your goal of attaining your full licence.

During all this I welcome your feedback and questions and we will always discuss and decide together how to progress on to other more advance subjects until we both feel it is the right time for you to take the driving test.

All your lessons will be at your pace and there will never be any pressure put on you to do something you do not wish to do, everything will be discussed and agreed between the two of us before progressing.

I enjoy teaching people to drive and I like to think I am a fun Instructor and easy to get along with, which hopefully makes the process of learning to drive enjoyable throughout.
I would love to be the one to see that smile on your face when you master Hardwicke Circus or whenever I crack a joke or make a pun but best of all when you get your full licence.
I look forward to meeting you soon.

philip kilgour


Driving Instructor
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anthony young carlisle
11 months ago

Philip was a recommendation from other Learners. My brother and cousin were taught by him. Philip was easy to understand and his teaching methods were very good and easy to follow. Learning to drive was very enjoyable. Philip was very patient, couldn't be better really.

mohammed hoque carlisle
1 year ago

I passed my practical driving test at the 1st attempt on the 31st May in Carlisle. Although I took a wrong turning during my test route my examiner saw the funny side of it and managed to get me back on track. I aced the parallel park manoeuvre – something I do everyday in my own street. I will be able to share the driving with my wife much to her delight especially now I have an expanding family. My instructor was Philip and he was great.

jordan leggett carlisle
1 year ago

“Hi, Jordan Leggett from Carlisle here telling you about my experience of learning to drive Philip Kilgour  I chose after  my girlfriend had recommended them to me and I found the contact number very easily off the website. I found learning to drive excellent compared to what I expected and I found my instructors teaching methods extremely thorough, he took time explaining things and maintained a relaxed atmosphere throughout, was also very funny too. Would absolutely recommend Philip and Danny to my friends and family as this was my 4th attempt, my previous instructor was very unreliable, I learned so much in 10 hours with Philip with stuff that I had not been previously taught. Would highly recommend to all my acquaintances, thank you so much for your help Philip and getting me through at the first attempt .”

leanne alexander carlisle
1 year ago

Although I was unhappy with the postponement of my previous test due to ice it was a blessing In disguise as it made me more determined to pass and that I did In style first time with hardly any marks on the test sheet.

Having a driving licence will please my boss as he can now assign me to one of his vans. Thank you Philip

lou reynolds carlisle
1 year ago

I passed First Time in spite of taking the wrong exit on a roundabout. I created a bit of a diversion for the examiner who had to bring me back to the test route. I managed the parallel park manoeuvre without any trouble. Thank you Philip for all your help