Become A Driving Instructor

Many people continue dreaming of changing their career and improving their lifestyle and then one day find the opportunity has passed them by. The chance to be in control of your future and choose the days and hours you work is in your hands. Your opportunity is right now!

Becoming a driving instructor is achievable for most people if they have the will, the desire and the motivation. A part-time course, spread over several months under the guidance of an ORDIT instructor trainer, is the best way to qualify and move your working life in a new direction.

My name is Phil Hirst and I run Phil Hirst Instructor Training. I am also a co-director of Learn Driving UK driving school and head up the LDUK Instructor Training Team.

Am I an ORDIT-registered trainer?

Yes! I have been on the ORDIT register since its inception in 1998

What is ORDIT?

ORDIT is the Official Register of Driving Instructor Training. It is administered by DVSA. DVSA is trying to raise the standards of driving instructor training and will only approve training from ORDIT trainers and organisations.

Not all driving instructor trainers are ORDIT-registered. They do not have to be as the ORDIT register is voluntary not mandatory, at present.

Why should you choose to train with an ORDIT-registered trainer?

To become ORDIT-registered, a trainer must:

  • Sign to agree to be bound by the ORDIT Code of Practice covering the advertising and selling of instructor training services and customer care
  • Have their training delivery assessed on a regular basis by DVSA and reach an extremely high standard
  • Submit training logs and records for inspection
  • Pay for this service (which is a voluntary scheme, at present)
  • DVSA only recommend and promote trainers on the ORDIT register

Is Phil Hirst an ORDIT-registered trainer?

Yes! I have been on the ORDIT register since its inception in 1998

What Attracts People to Become Driving Instructors?

Most people that come into the driver trainer industry are looking for a lifestyle change. They may have become disillusioned with their current job and would like to take more control of their lives and can choose the days and hours they work.

It could be that they are looking for a job that is more rewarding and will give a high level of personal and professional satisfaction.

It could be that they are at a time of life where they are looking for a fresh start, a different career, a new challenge and to spend more time with their family.

The huge attraction is that with some personal motivation and quality training, almost anyone can do this job.

So, what exactly are the benefits of becoming a Driving Instructor?

  • You get to choose the days you work.
  • You get to choose your start and finish times.
  • You are free to work the hours that suit your needs.
  • You will be your own boss and you will be working for yourself.
  • Training someone to pass their driving test, an important life skill, is one of the most rewarding things you can do.
  • You can take holidays whenever you choose and not have to request permission.
  • A brand-new car of your choice (every year if you like).
  • Use of car for work and pleasure.
  • Your car and all its running costs will be paid for by your customers.
  • Significant tax advantages are evident as a self-employed person.
  • With Learn Driving UK, though self-employed, you can work as part of a team and receive regular professional development.

Driving Instructor Training Reviews

We are extremely proud of the wonderful feedback we receive about our driving instructor training.


paul chadwick
Paul Chadwick – ADI
7 years ago

Done a couple of courses with Phil, He is an outstanding fella, great knowledge and a great way of getting the information across. Looking forward to my next visit to carryout some in car standards check training

jason stevenson carnegie driving school
Jason Stevenson – Carnegie Driving School
7 years ago

Hi, my name is Jason Stevenson, I recently attended Train the Trainer course with Phil Hirst, so I could learn how to train potential driving instructors and grow my own driving school. I travelled quite a distance to see Phil and had this course planned for some time, I can honestly say it was absolutely worth it. As soon as you meet Phil your put at ease and begin to relax because he has a very calming manner about him. Phil also has a wealth of knowledge and works tirelessly to deliver what you need to make the trip to see him worth while.

I found the 4 day 1:1 training invaluable and now I feel I could actually deliver the type of training required to get a PDI qualified and teaching well. The course resources you receive are also superb and compliment the training perfectly. There is no doubt this course is demanding because there is a large amount of work to cover in those 4 days, so be prepared to work, but with Phil's guidance you will get through it and enjoy it at the same time. I can thoroughly recommend if you want to become an ADI trainer you should contact Phil.

Thanks Phil, I've no doubt I'll be calling upon your services again


kevin sellwood exeter
Kevin Sellwood – Exeter
7 years ago

I Arrived back home today after two of the best days training I can remember. Andy Niner and I were the first two on Phil's refresher course. I can honestly say this was one of the most enjoyable and beneficial courses I have attended in a very long time.

I guess it was partly helped by the fact that all three of us knew each other reasonably well so the 'group dynamics' were fairly well established from the start. Phil tailored the course to our requirements. we looked at the likely future of the instructor qualifying process but also how we can incorporate elements of client centred learning into the current structure.

I am doing reasonably well, having got our first franchisee started with us 2 weeks ago and with 5 others in training but it was so helpful to see Phil 'in action' and to get the benefit of his experience and knowledge. We looked at many different aspects of instructor training, both of us gaining lots of new ideas and tips. To see Phil with a PDI who was really struggling was an education it itself!

In the past I have been the recipient of too many sub-standard training courses, mainly when I was a teacher over 10 years ago. If ever the time and money spent on a cost was an investment rather than a cost then it was the last two days. Thank you so much Phil. Looking forward to putting lots of new ideas into practice this weekend with the first PDI training session!

paul bentley adi
Paul Bentley – ADI
7 years ago

On the first day, I arrived with mixed feelings of looking forward to learning new skills and also the fear of the unknown. Phil soon put me at ease as he explained how the course worked and what we would be doing each day. It was a two-to-one course so some of the time I would be in the back seat observing what the fellow ADI was doing.
During the five days I learnt and practiced all aspects of training someone else to be an ADI, both in theory with Phil’s excellent training materials, and in practice with role play and other exercises. It was also clear that Phil was eager to help with any other issues we might have in our own teaching methods regarding learners.

In summary, I would recommend this course to anyone thinking about becoming an ADI Trainer as you will definitely learn what you need to become one.
I will go back to Phil for further training as the new Part 3 test is brought in.
Thank you again!"


fozia moosa dewsbury
Fozia Moosa – Dewsbury
7 years ago


I would recommend Phil to anyone who wishes to become a driving instructor, many thanks for your patience Phil. Phil was recommended to me after my sister qualified to be a driving instructor with him. I am delighted to say this was a great decision as i passed my tests first time thanks to his expert tuition. I would recommend Phil to anyone who wishes to become a driving instructor, many thanks for your patience Phil.

tam gallagher harrogate
Tam Gallagher – Harrogate
7 years ago

This course has given me an ease of mind. Good facilities and plenty of tea. Very informative content to help ease the thought of whats involved on the standards check. Fully understood what was required. Very happy with the content.
Thanks Phil

adrian daniels carlisle
Adrian Daniels – Carlisle
7 years ago

Hi Phil,
Thanks again for this, the whole course was absolutely brilliant. I have never been on a course that has been so well structured and where every day the training was structured so well around my needs as the learner. I have been on several courses throughout the years I have been an ADI, but have never learned so much in just one week. Not only do I now have a much clearer idea of how to teach PDIs to become ADIs but I have also learnt some valuable new methods that I can put to use as an ADI in my every day job of teaching learners how to drive.
Thanks again, I will be recommending this course to anyone and everyone who wishes to progress there career along this route.

matt hardwick harrogate
Matt Hardwick – Harrogate
7 years ago

I have recently qualified as an ADI with the highest marks. My part three training was taken by Phil Hirst. I don't think I would have qualified at my first attempt if it had not been for Phil's expert tuition and knowledge. I would highly recommend anybody considering becoming an ADI to contact Phil. You will not be disappoint...ed with the amount of learning and understanding of the ADI tests you will gain over the weeks you work together.

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