How to reduce your fuel bill by up to 25%

Have you noticed that fuel prices have been creeping up steadily over the last few months? Prices are at their highest since July 2015 due to a 3p litre rise in December.

The cost of oil has increased as the organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has cut the production of oil.

So, what can we do on our daily car journeys to counteract the gradual increase of fuel at the pumps? Here are six measures you can implement which will reduce your fuel usage by up to 25%.

  1. If your journeys are mainly in town, only fill your tank to half way. Most cars have a 60 or 70 litre tank. Each litre weighs a kilogramme so reducing the weight of fuel you carry will decrease your fuel consumption.
  2. Anticipate traffic conditions ahead of you. This is called 2slow to flow2 where you look well ahead at traffic lights and roundabouts and try to arrive when queues have dissipated so that you maximise the chance of keeping moving.
  3. Be in the correct gear for your speed. Second gear at 20, third gear at 30 etc. in a modern, manual car will match the correct gear to the speed you are doing.
  4. Maintain a steady speed. Avoid sudden bursts of heavy acceleration, late braking, and unnecessary gear changes. Remember, if your foots not on the gas pedal you are using now fuel at all in a modern car.
  5. Ensure your tyres are inflated to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Over or under-inflated tyres can not only be illegal they also add considerably to your fuel bill.
  6. Last, but not least, remove excess weight. Obviously, we don’t mean leave important family members behind! Check the boot for excess items which aren’t being used (golf clubs, pushchair etc.) Roof and bike racks cause drag adding to your usage.

Add all six of these measures together and you will reduce your fuel bill by up to 25%. Fuel prices are on an inevitable upward curve and are likely to remain so. Save yourself some money and reduce the emissions from your car too.

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