Learn Driving UK Reviews

Happy smiley faces of all our wonderful pupils who have passed their driving test with LDUK.

Omar Kevs copy
2 weeks ago

Kevin was very flexible with the times I could take my lessons and he was a very experienced driving instructor. I also chose Learn Driving UK as they have very reasonable prices. I had an excellent experience learning to drive. All my lessons were well structured. Kevin was patient and gave excellent explanations. All-round great experience. Keep up the good work.

2 weeks ago

I really felt comfortable on my lessons with Danny. Learning to drive was much easier the second time round. Danny was very good. He always made me relax on lessons. There is nothing I would change.

lucy davidson copy
2 weeks ago

Tam was recommended to me from friends. I passed my driving test first time so I am very happy. Tam was a great instructor.

jacob cosgrove copy
2 weeks ago

Tam was recommended to me by others. I really wanted to pass my driving test. I was a lot more confident when learning to drive than I thought I was going to be. Tam was very good, he makes you feel confident and makes sure you are always aware. Tam is a great driving instructor!

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3 weeks ago

Cost of lessons was great. Brian was a great driving instructor and I passed my driving test first time. Learning to Drive was easier than I expected it to be. I would recommend LDUK, not over priced and very good instructors.

3 weeks ago

I had a constant, reliable service with good teaching techniques and prices. Richard was friendly and had good teaching skills, when one method didn't work he changed it around until one did. Theres nothing I would change, Richard was great.

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3 weeks ago

I chose Learn Driving UK because of their pass rate and success with my sister. Learning to drive was fun and easier than I thought it would be. I was really satisfied with everything.

3 weeks ago

Jen was amazing. Kind and constructive. Lessons were fab. I would highly recommend Learn Driving UK and Jen, they have a great reputation.

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3 weeks ago

Graham was a great driving instructor. He was flexible with classes and a great teacher. Everything was really great

1 month ago

I passed my driving test first time with Jen in Carlisle. LDUK have really good reviews from friends and family. Jen was very friendly and an excellent teacher. Jens teaching methods were very effective, less stressful, just so amazing. Very easy to track to instructor.

1 month ago

Value for money was important to me. LDUK have a good pass rate. Tam was very friendly. He's a good man and so nice, he helped me a lot. I highly recommend Tam, he will teach you very well.

1 month ago

Friendly, experienced Driving Instructors. Good Pass rate. Great value for money. Availability was good and Tam was very professional. I found learning to drive difficult to start with but enjoyed it very much. Tam was excellent and very easy to understand. I passed my driving test very quickly and cost effectively.

1 month ago

Congratulations to Libby from Carlisle who passed her driving test today, first time with only one driving fault.

Although you had thought it wasn’t going to be result you wanted and you didn’t believe the examiner when he said you had passed there were tears of joy and relief.

A park on the right and following the sat nav along the bypass taken as part of your route successfully.

Well done from your instructor Jen and all at Learn Driving UK

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1 month ago

When i was searching for an Instructor I wanted someone who would be encouraging and believe in me and do their best to fit in with my work schedule. Danny did this and more. Danny's teaching methods were very methodical and precise and he was always very patient. I would recommend LDUK to anyone.

2 months ago

I wanted a driving instructor who was calm, reliable and easy to follow with instructions, Richard was all those things. The price was very good with LDUK and they had really good reviews. Learning to drive was a bit more stressful at times but mostly enjoyable. Richard used really good methods. He was always calm and pushed me to do better. I would recommend you to others because of Richard.

michael richardson whitby
3 months ago

Learn Driving UK have good reviews so I chose them. The location of Kevin was good for me too. It was that great learning to drive with Kevin that even though I moved 100 miles away I got the train and still had my lessons with him, he's that good. Kevin was much better than previous instructors I had had. Kevin kept me calm and composed. He helped me to iron out my faults and drive better.Great service, there is nothing I would change, its all been great.

kyra hayton scarborough
3 months ago

My mum booked my driving lessons for me. We chose Learn Driving UK because of their good reviews. Learning to drive was harder than I expected it to be. Kevin was very patient with me though and his teaching was very thorough. I would definitely recommend Kevin and Learn Driving UK as I have passed my driving test and I feel like I am a safe driver.

3 months ago

I wanted a driving instructor who was calm and collected. The price mattered to me too. Kevin was great and my learning experience was great, i'd had some bad experiences before. Kevin was really helpful and clear. I would definitely recommend Kevin.

3 months ago

Choosing a reliable and friendly driving instructor with affordable prices was really important to me. It was important that there was availability to fit lessons in with my work schedule and that I felt comfortable learning at an older age. I didn't fully know what to expect. But I found learning to drive much more enjoyable than I thought I would because of how informative and relaxed the lessons were. Which allowed me to learn and retain all information. Matt was very good! I cannot thank Matt enough. Always happy to go through things and constantly teaching. Very reliable, affordable, enjoyable and obviously effective as I passed my driving test first time.

lauren nicholls harrogate
3 months ago

Matt was really nice and spent time going through things with me. It was a lot easier than I expected it to be and I passed my driving test first time. Matt was very good. I would highly recommend Learn Driving UK,  excellent driving instructors.