Learn Driving UK Reviews

Happy smiley faces of all our wonderful pupils who have passed their driving test with LDUK.

CRAIGLEITCH20191106 132456 1
3 months ago

"I wanted a driving instructor I could get along with. As well as learn everything I needed to. Which is exactly what I got with Richard.

My lessons went just as I expected them to go. Richards teaching methods were excellent, could not have been better.

I would definitely recommend Richard. All round top driving instructor, he's got everything in his locker.

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4 months ago

I passed first time with Anthony Houseman. He was a great instructor.

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4 months ago

Anthony is a great driving instructor. There is a lot more to learn than I first realised. Great prices and great instructors.

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4 months ago

Barry was recommended to me by friends. He was always calm and gave clear instructions. I had a bad experience with another instructor, so learning to drive with Barry was a lot better than I thought it was going to be. Great instructor and he works around you. Excellent!

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4 months ago

I passed my driving test first time with Barry Woodward in Wakefield. Barry gave me lots of time and was very patient. Fantastic instructor

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4 months ago

Jen was a great instructor. Learning to drive was exactly how I expected it to be. Jen was very easy to understand. I passed my driving test first time so I would definitely recommend Jen.

morgan glazier harrogate
4 months ago

Tam was very patient with me and made learning to drive very fun and easy, his teaching methods were great and I couldn't be happier with my results of a first time pass.

zachary neal harrogate
5 months ago

I wanted a driving instructor I could trust and was friendly. Tam was recommended to me. Learning to drive was more enjoyable than I thought it would be. Tam was wonderfully friendly and direct. He made techniques simple and he was always calm. I would definitely recommend Tam to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

rafael silva carlisle
5 months ago

I wanted a driving instructor who knew what they were doing  and I wanted to pass my driving test first time and I did. The prices were great. Danny was perfect. An amazing driving school.

harry howells knaresborough
5 months ago

I loved my driving lessons with Tam Gallagher and I passed first time. Tam was very helpful. I had a great time.

laura strode harrogatejpg
5 months ago

I passed my driving test first time with Richard Teesdale. He was a really nice guy. Strict when he needed to be, but very good teaching methods. I wouldn't change a thing.

kieran duffy knaresborough
5 months ago

Brian Munn's was an excellent driving instructor. I had a great experience. Theres nothing i would change

amanda robertson harrogate
5 months ago

I passed my driving test with Tam Gallagher in Knaresborough. Tam was patient and a good listener. Learning to drive with Tam was fantastic.

linda zeltina wakefield
5 months ago

Excellent company. Excellent instructors. My lessons were great. Barry was very good at explaining things perfectly. Lessons were detailed and easy to understand. He really helped me to understand the road. Definitely recommend

gisela costa pontefract
5 months ago

Such an excellent school to learn to drive with. Barry is a great instructor and always very supportive. I passed my driving test with only two minors.

holly robin
5 months ago

I passed first time with Richard Teesdale, he was efficient and lessons were detailed. Great service

charlotte leblond harrogate
5 months ago

Richard has been teaching me roundabouts today and by the end I have mastered them. Richard is a very good teacher and I love my lessons

ash leeds
6 months ago

So happy I managed to beat my sister but you also taught her to pass first time. Simon is a very approachable and easy-going driving instructor who gives good constructive criticism to help you progress. His lessons are well planned and he is very flexible with pick ups and dropping me off at different times.

adjoaa leeds
6 months ago

Simon is definitely worth a five star. I can’t believe I’m now going to university and I’ve passed my test. That was the goal we set out to achieve. Still can’t believe I’ve done it. Thank you very much Simon

rob wolstenholme harrogate
6 months ago

Learn driving UKs prices where definitely the best around, Anthony was very reliable and extremely friendly. overall great experience!