Space and Time – Your Best Friends on the Road!

Have you noticed that when you are carefully observing the speed limit, you look in your rear-view mirror to see a queue of tailgaters trying to push you along faster? Driving can be emotive and if we are not careful we can let the pressure of following drivers get the better of us. The last…

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How to reduce your fuel bill by up to 25%

Have you noticed that fuel prices have been creeping up steadily over the last few months? Prices are at their highest since July 2015 due to a 3p litre rise in December. The cost of oil has increased as the organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has cut the production of oil. So, what…

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learner drivers practicing motorways

Learner Drivers practicing on Motorways!

The government has issued proposals, for industry consultation, concerning learner drivers gaining experience on motorways prior to taking their practical driving test. At Learn Driving UK, we have been strong advocates of the Pass Plus Scheme for newly-qualified drivers which includes a practical motorway module. Unfortunately, Pass Plus has not had strong industry backing and…

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