Learn Driving UK Reviews

Happy smiley faces of all our wonderful pupils who have passed their driving test with LDUK.

tom burton pontefract
6 months ago

Learning to drive was easier than i thought it was going to be and i passed first time. Barry's teaching methods were excellent. I would highly recommend Barry Woodward to anyone.

shamiso sisimayi harrogate
6 months ago

I went for a driving school with a good reputation and prices. Learn to drive was easy with Charlie. Charlies teaching methods were clear and logical. I knew why i needed to do certain things as Charlie explained this to me. Charlie made things easy to understand. No complaints at all.

rebecca davies leeds
6 months ago

I chose Learn Driving UK as their reviews were good. I wanted a friendly driving instructor and thats what Martin was. Learning to drive was more difficult than i expected it to be. Martins teaching methods were very good and useful. He always kept me up to date about changes. I would highly recommend Martin and Learn Driving UK to everyone, he is friendly and has detailed teaching.

jordin magill leeds
6 months ago

I passed my test first time with Martin Kearsley from learn driving UK. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons and the way Martin taught, and helped me through not only my practical lessons but my theory test too. I have now been driving over a year and a half, and have a 3 month old daughter I can drive around safely all thanks to Martin. I couldn’t recommend him or learn driving UK more, or thank Martin enough for teaching me this life long skill.

mircea simion whitby
6 months ago

Availability of the driving instructor was important to me. Professionalism and the vehicle were also factors. Learning to drive with Kevin Winship exceeded expectations and i passed first time. Kevin's teaching methods are very good. I had a really good experience.

meriem ouchtati scarborough
6 months ago

The offer of the first 10 hours for £195 was one of the reasons i chose Learn Driving UK to do my driving lessons with. Kevin was serious about my learning to drive, punctual and friendly. It took me longer to learn than i thought it would. Kevin teaches you to be a good and save driver, perfect. I highly recommend Kevin Winship and Learn Driving UK you will learn driving safely and confidently.

mohammed hoque carlisle
7 months ago

I passed my practical driving test at the 1st attempt on the 31st May in Carlisle. Although I took a wrong turning during my test route my examiner saw the funny side of it and managed to get me back on track. I aced the parallel park manoeuvre – something I do everyday in my own street. I will be able to share the driving with my wife much to her delight especially now I have an expanding family. My instructor was Philip and he was great.

jordan leggett carlisle
7 months ago

“Hi, Jordan Leggett from Carlisle here telling you about my experience of learning to drive Philip Kilgour  I chose after  my girlfriend had recommended them to me and I found the contact number very easily off the website. I found learning to drive excellent compared to what I expected and I found my instructors teaching methods extremely thorough, he took time explaining things and maintained a relaxed atmosphere throughout, was also very funny too. Would absolutely recommend Philip and Danny to my friends and family as this was my 4th attempt, my previous instructor was very unreliable, I learned so much in 10 hours with Philip with stuff that I had not been previously taught. Would highly recommend to all my acquaintances, thank you so much for your help Philip and getting me through at the first attempt .”

leanne alexander carlisle
7 months ago

Although I was unhappy with the postponement of my previous test due to ice it was a blessing In disguise as it made me more determined to pass and that I did In style first time with hardly any marks on the test sheet.

Having a driving licence will please my boss as he can now assign me to one of his vans. Thank you Philip

lou reynolds carlisle
7 months ago

I passed First Time in spite of taking the wrong exit on a roundabout. I created a bit of a diversion for the examiner who had to bring me back to the test route. I managed the parallel park manoeuvre without any trouble. Thank you Philip for all your help

amy baker carlisle
7 months ago

I was so nervous on my test but I managed to complete the new pull up on the right and Reverse manoeuvre plus an added Controlled Stop exercise without any trouble.

Once I get My own set of wheels I will be able to visit my relatives and friends in Cumbria and even beyond as far as Newcastle. Thank you Philip

nathan forsyth
7 months ago

After a steady drive with one of the new test manoeuvres I achieved the result I craved. When I get myself a van I'll be able to start up my own business and get on with my life.
This means that we don't have to climb over those nasty speed bumps near my gate any more! Thanks Philip

donna oneil carlisle
7 months ago

I was unhappy with breaking the speed limit on my first test it was a blessing in disguise though as it made me more determined to pass this time.

Having a driving licence will please my boss as he can now assign me to one of his vans. So the future is bright at Borderbrite!

Thank you Philip

denise bell carlisle
7 months ago

I passed my driving test with Philip Kilgour in Carlisle, although there was a scary wobble at the end when I carried out the reverse park manoeuvre at the test centre, i passed and feel great. All my hard work and perseverance paid off in the end and i finally got the result i wanted. Now for Pass Plus.Thank you Philip

saffron steel calvert harrogate
7 months ago

I wanted a driving instructor who was nice and not aggressive. Learning to drive with Tam was good. The simplicity of the lessons was great.

jessie macarthur evans knaresborough
7 months ago

The price of lessons was good with Learn Driving UK. Learning to drive was pretty easy. Charlie Ferguson's teaching methods were effective but not pressurising. I was able to have frequent lessons which was good. There's not a lot that i would change.

jeremy strudwick harrogate
7 months ago

I wanted a driving instructor who had a good local knowledge of the area and was patient and experienced. I was already an experienced driver seeking the UK qualification. I passed the test at the first attempt. I would highly recommend Charlie Ferguson, he is a solid driving instructor and gives good advice. My wife and i both passed first time with Charlie. Jeremy Strudwick

I passed first time with Charlie ferguson. Lessons were fun, he was easy to talk to, patient and had good experience. I was seeking the UK qualification and Charlie had good knowledge of the local area. I would definitely recommend Charlie, he was knowledgeable and patient. Vinita Strudwick

holly hewitt knaresborough
7 months ago

Alex was recommended to me. I wanted a driving instructor who was alright with picking me up further out and who i felt confident with. Learning to drive with Alex Evans was so fun. I enjoyed my lessons and learnt a lot  and passed first time. Alex's teaching methods were excellent, I wouldn't change a thing. Alex is definitely a fantastic driving instructor. Everything was perfect.

james dollin harrogate 1
7 months ago

I wanted a friendly, reliable driving instructor.Someone who was professional. Learning to drive was a lot harder than i expected it to be. Tams teaching methods were extremely good. I would highly recommend Tam, he was very friendly and professional.

dr muhammad shah harrogate
7 months ago

I chose Learn Driving UK for my driving lessons as they are certified and named on the gov.uk website. Tam was always polite and understanding. He would explain and go through my mistakes with me. Learning to drive fully met my expectations, maybe even more than met my expectations as i passed my driving test first time. Tam was very polite, very professional and i would definitely recommend him and Learn Driving UK as they are professional people.