Learn Driving UK Reviews

Happy smiley faces of all our wonderful pupils who have passed their driving test with LDUK.

paul bentley adi
2 years ago

On the first day, I arrived with mixed feelings of looking forward to learning new skills and also the fear of the unknown. Phil soon put me at ease as he explained how the course worked and what we would be doing each day. It was a two-to-one course so some of the time I would be in the back seat observing what the fellow ADI was doing.
During the five days I learnt and practiced all aspects of training someone else to be an ADI, both in theory with Phil’s excellent training materials, and in practice with role play and other exercises. It was also clear that Phil was eager to help with any other issues we might have in our own teaching methods regarding learners.

In summary, I would recommend this course to anyone thinking about becoming an ADI Trainer as you will definitely learn what you need to become one.
I will go back to Phil for further training as the new Part 3 test is brought in.
Thank you again!"


fozia moosa dewsbury
2 years ago


I would recommend Phil to anyone who wishes to become a driving instructor, many thanks for your patience Phil. Phil was recommended to me after my sister qualified to be a driving instructor with him. I am delighted to say this was a great decision as i passed my tests first time thanks to his expert tuition. I would recommend Phil to anyone who wishes to become a driving instructor, many thanks for your patience Phil.

tam gallagher harrogate
2 years ago

This course has given me an ease of mind. Good facilities and plenty of tea. Very informative content to help ease the thought of whats involved on the standards check. Fully understood what was required. Very happy with the content.
Thanks Phil

adrian daniels carlisle
2 years ago

Hi Phil,
Thanks again for this, the whole course was absolutely brilliant. I have never been on a course that has been so well structured and where every day the training was structured so well around my needs as the learner. I have been on several courses throughout the years I have been an ADI, but have never learned so much in just one week. Not only do I now have a much clearer idea of how to teach PDIs to become ADIs but I have also learnt some valuable new methods that I can put to use as an ADI in my every day job of teaching learners how to drive.
Thanks again, I will be recommending this course to anyone and everyone who wishes to progress there career along this route.

matt hardwick harrogate
2 years ago

I have recently qualified as an ADI with the highest marks. My part three training was taken by Phil Hirst. I don't think I would have qualified at my first attempt if it had not been for Phil's expert tuition and knowledge. I would highly recommend anybody considering becoming an ADI to contact Phil. You will not be disappoint...ed with the amount of learning and understanding of the ADI tests you will gain over the weeks you work together.

kieran horner boroughbridge
2 years ago

I wanted a driving instructor that was local and that i could get along with. The cost mattered to me too. Learning to drive wasn't as scary as i thought it would be and i found lessons relaxing. Peter Andrews teaching methods were good and he makes you feel confident in what you are doing. I would highly recommend him.

matthew keogh harrogate
2 years ago

I wanted a driving school that could give me the dates and times i wanted and have availability for lessons. Learn Driving UK had a really good pass rate, and i passed first time. I found learning to drive hard to begin with, but Tam was really good and explained everything. I would highly recommend Tam as he is a good teacher.

claire stafford scarborough
2 years ago

Learn Driving UK were a reputable school with good feed back from prior clients, thats why i chose them. Kevin had a calm and encouraging approach. I found learning to drive a bit stressful but Kevin really helped me to increase my confidence and i passed my driving test first time. Kevin was very helpful and encouraging the way whole way through. I would highly recommend Kevin and Learn Driving UK there a very professional school with great instructors.

natalia leeds
2 years ago

Passing  with Simon Hills in Leeds, was easy and now I am going to let all my friends on Facebook know how good you are, I would highly recommend you.


josh wilson leeds
2 years ago

Buzzing finally passed, first time with 1 minor. Cheers for this week Bob Hardy recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

jacob mcguire harrogate
2 years ago

I passed my driving test in Knaresborough with Tam Gallagher. I wanted a Driving Instructor who was clear and experienced and i got that with Tam. He was friendly, yet challenges you, and has a great sense of humor. Learning to drive was hard but enjoyable. Tams teaching methods were clear, concise and effective. I would highly recommend Tam and Learn Driving UK as they have very good instructors and not expensive.

charlotte towers harrogate
2 years ago

Price and availability of tuition was very important to me when i was choosing a driving school. I had read some good reviews about Matt Hardwick. The reputation of the business and value for m,money was also an important factor for me. Learning to drive was an enjoyable experience and Matt made it easy. Matt's teaching methods were very accurate and easy to learn from. I would highly recommend Learn Driving UK because of the good instructors and prices.

alisdair blackshaw melmerby
2 years ago

I enjoyed my driving lessons with Peter Andrews, he was nice. I was more nervous initially but Peter has excellent teaching methods so that helped. Peter is excellent, an incredibly wise teacher.

michael worrall harrogate
2 years ago

I passed first time in Knaresborough with Peter Andrews. I wanted a driving instructor who was well known. Learning to drive was easier than i expected it to be. Peters teaching methods were perfect and i passed at the first attempt.

emma sorby ripon
2 years ago

I wanted a driving school that looked nice and friendly and that was reasonably local. Learning to drive was simpler than what i thought it would be. Alex's teaching methods were helpful and easy to understand and i passed my driving test at the first attempt. I would highly recommend Learn Driving UK and Alex as they are reliable, friendly and reasonably priced.

saviour tiassey harrogate
2 years ago

I chose Learn Driving UK because of all the reviews and they were recommended to me by a friend. Tam was reliable, patient and a driven instructor. Learning to drive with Tam was excellent, his teaching methods were excellent and i passed first time with him. I already recommended him after my very first lesson.

poppy lucas scarborough
2 years ago

I felt comfortable and less anxious on my lessons. Kevin was really good. The cost of lessons was very important to me and the locality of the driving instructor. Learning to drive was less formal than i expected it to be so it was quite enjoyable. I would highly recommenced Kevin as the lessons were affordable and easy and i passed first time.

bronte dickinson whitby
2 years ago

Kevin was recommended to me by a friend. Learn Driving UK had good prices and Kevin could always fit me in. Learning to drive was as i expected, i thought it would be hard. Kevin was very helpful. I could drive independently but also get the help i needed. I would highly recommend Kevin, it worked really well for me. He was very reliable.

shaiby jose scarborough
2 years ago

I chose Learn Driving UK as they had good prices and the timings were good for me. Kevin helped me become a more confident driver. Kevin's teaching methods were extremely good. Kevin was very experienced and patient.

kelo leeds 1
2 years ago

"Got past eventually can't thank Simon enough for his patience and he never gave up on me I got there on the sixth time thank you Simon".